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What You Should Expect From Professionals... And More!

Each couple we meet has different expectations for their wedding photographer.  Many times the things you might think are standard are not covered by many photographers.  Your wedding day is probably going to be for you, one of the most hectic days in your life.  You have enough on your mind.  Other than some specific instructions you shouldn't need to worry about telling your photographer what photos you need to be captured.  A true professional knows exactly what must be done, and your mind should be at ease knowing that it will be achieved.

MVP Studio takes great pride not only in the quality of our work but also in the content.  We make it a priority to try and provide coverage of even the smallest details.  After all... once the day is overall you will have are your memories and our pictures.

Your wedding photographer will be by your side the entire day.  He/she will travel to several different locations with you, and each place holds for you a different set of expectations.  Below is a brief description of what you can expect in each location from your MVP photographer.


Your photographer will arrive as scheduled per your contract either at your home or at another location of your choice. He/she will orchestrate extensive portrait combinations of the bride, highlighting the dress, hair & makeup to truly document the bride on the wedding day. Full-length, half-body & closeup portraits are all included. Weather permitting portraits of the bride can also be taken outside. Bridesmaids, parents, and family will also be photographed in an efficient and orderly fashion to ensure that nothing is missed and that we expertly capture the essence of your special day. Following the completion of the formal portraits, your photographer will travel to the ceremony location to photograph the groom, groomsmen and the groom's family.


Upon arrival at the reception, your photographer will continue to document the day's events and activities by shooting a variety of candid photos as well as static photos of the banquet room and the decorations. Candid photos will be taken of guests/couples, upon arrival and throughout the evening. Photographs of guest's tables will not be taken during dinner so that your guests can enjoy their meal.

Organized family portraits will be arranged by you or someone you appoint with the photographer and the orchestra/DJ to be taken at a specified time. The bride and groom(or someone they appoint) will need to orchestrate group photos. For the best portrait results, it is our professional recommendation to try and conclude all family/group photos early in the evening or even before cocktail hour begins. This way your friends and family can enjoy the rest of the night without interruption.

Naturally, during the course of the reception your photographer will be available for cake cutting, special dances, toasts, bouquet/garter toss, and special photographic requests. There will, of course, be candid photos of guests dancing and having fun. Before leaving the reception, your photographer will consult with you to determine if you need further photographs taken or want the photographer to stay at the reception longer.


Before the ceremony begins your photographer will discuss with the clergy any specific rules which must be followed during the ceremony. Regardless of individual church policies our photographers are always respectful of the wedding ceremony and will never interrupt or become a distraction to the clergy, the guests or the bride & groom. Available light and/or flash photographs will be taken depending on individual church policy. During the ceremony we will make every effort to document the ceremony from as many angles and perspectives as possible. Please note that after the ceremony it is our professional recommendation that receiving lines be delayed until the reception. This ensures ample time to photograph formal portraits of the bride and groom, the wedding party and their families.

Environmental Locations

All of our wedding packages allow for photographs to be taken at one alternate location. This may be a public/private park, conservatory, the beach or the grounds of your reception location. The bride & groom, as well as the bridal party, will be photographed in a natural environment using natural lighting techniques taking advantage of some of the scenic beauty available in the greater Chicago area. Photographing at these locations depends greatly on a number of factors; time, weather, daylight, and crowds are the main obstacles in achieving beautiful locations photos. Additionally, some community parks require special usage permits for weddings. While our studio does not charge extra for location photography, the bride and groom are responsible to obtain any permits as well as admission & parking fees associated with photographing at an alternate location. Additionally, some locations offer no options for parking. MVP Studio photographers will not leave vehicles unattended in no-parking or tow-zones. In the event of inclement weather, many couples have chosen as an alternative to taking photos at a hotel near the reception. You should inquire if the hotel requires that you have a room for the night. Our studio will be happy to provide a list of hotels that offer the best options for photos.