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Fine Art Prints

For 30 years MVP Studio has been providing the very best in wedding and event photography. During this time we have also amassed a great library of photographs of beautiful landscapes, wildlife, famous locations & some fantastic sports images.

For the first time we are making these rare limited edition photographs available to the public. Each photograph is available in print form numbered & signed by the photographer. Additionally, each photograph is available for commercial purchase with a limited or complete release of copyright.

Commissioned Original Artworks

MVP Studio also provides commissioned artwork services. Are you looking to create a theme for your business, home or office? Do you have an image in your mind that you want to make a reality? You can commission our studio to turn your ideas into pictures. We will work together with you to determine what you are looking for and then our talented photographers will create original photographic works of art that you can hang on your walls. There is absolutely no limit to what you can create! Whether it’s the greens at Augusta, the Great Wall of China, or even some of Chicago's very own landmarks, we will do the legwork and travel to any location to turn your vision in an exclusive original photograph.