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Before You Book!

Most couples enter into the wedding planning process with little knowledge of what things cost, what questions to ask or even what vendors to contact. PERSONAL REFERRALS ARE THE BEST WAY TO FIND YOUR VENDORS. The best insight on what to expect from your vendor will come from friends and family who have used them before.

You should be careful when choosing your vendors based on bridal websites & magazines. The prominence of the listings on these sites and magazines is not based on quality, but simply on how much vendors pay for the ad. Even the feature articles are reserved for advertisers who spend the most money for their ads or for vendors that have advertised the longest. MVP Studio has been providing superior photography for 30 years — our customers are our best advertising!

What Every Couple Should Know!

There are thousands of hobby photographers in the Chicago area who work out of their basements and garages. Most have limited if any wedding experience and provide little or no service after your wedding day. There is no doubt that you can hire a photographer for a bargain price to shoot your wedding and include all of the pictures on a disc. This may sound like a great deal, and for some couples, it may be exactly the bargain they were looking for. But most couples don't want to hire a photographer on the cheap. They realize that their photographer is one of their most important wedding vendors, and they understand that they need the skills of a professional to help them beyond the wedding day. They aren’t prepared if their photographer hands them a CD of all their images and waves goodbye.

Now stop for a moment and ask yourself some real questions about what you need from your wedding photographer. Are you skilled in Photoshop? Do you know how to adjust digital images at a professional level so that they are the right color, contrast, and brightness? Do you have a professional commercial photo-lab across the hall? Do you have the experience of having designed hundreds and hundreds of wedding albums? Do you have a library of sample albums at your disposal to get design ideas; leather swatches to select the right color and hide quality? Are you prepared to design your wedding album entirely by yourself? Will you be satisfied having your wedding photos printed at a drug or discount store; or even worse on your inkjet?

MVP Studio has been photographing weddings for nearly thirty years. Our photographers are full-time professionals. We are experts at Adobe Photoshop and use the latest in album design software. We will work with you every step of the way, before and after the wedding day. When it comes down to what will be the lasting memory of your wedding day, you won't get a second chance. Don't settle for anything less the best.